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Our affordable Solutions help you run your business better and keep your physical and digital workplace safer and more secure

What We Do

As a small business owner, the way you run your business is one of a kind. You shouldn't have to change your business operations to fit a generic operations management software.

Coyoteworks is an information technology company founded in 1997. We provide cost effective cloud-based software that conforms to the way you do business. We strive to help you leverage the complexities of digital technology to transform the art of your business into a seamless innovative unique advantage that delivers long-term sustainable economic growth.

Our Digital Solutions

In this pandemic, going digital for workplace is essential. Our digital solutions connect your onsite and remote teams to provide faster, better and cheaper products /services for your customers.

Use Intelligent Workplace Management System(IWMS) Central to safely organize and run your physical workspace by setting up zones, controlling the visitors' access, and tracing contacts on your site

Use Remote Work Central to create a secured digital workspace to connect your onsite and remote teams

We help you quickly setup a digital portal that helps you sell and promote your company’s products and services online

We help you update your brand's online presence including web design, backup, maintenance and hosting


Leverage Our Solutions

In the race to increase productivity and reduce cost, business organizations embark on continuous business transformation. In this race, Information Technology has changed from a supporting role to a strategic tool necessary for a successful business transformation. Vast amounts of time, effort, and money have been spent to implement effective information systems, yet many initiatives either grossly exceed projected schedule and budget or fail to meet business needs. Leverage our technology solutions to quick-start business innovation transformations and accelerate the delivery of business initiatives.

Featured Consulting Services


Help businesses develop and implement strategy and plans to turnaround performance and operational issues


Help businesses deliver fast, quality and cost effective service across all areas of business and geography


Help businesses address the challenges of merger, acquisition and consolidation, from due diligence through full integration


Help businesses audit, implement and manage global outsource to achieve peak long-term economic growth

Thrive in Innovation

When business models are disrupted, it is time to change, survive, innovate, and thrive. Our consulting services help our clients thrive through business innovation transformations. We strive to help our Global 1000 clients leverage technology to innovate the art of business into a seamless competitive advantage delivering long-term sustainable economic growth.


About Us

CoyoteWorks was founded in 1997 as an enterprise ERP software solution provider.  In 2001, CoyoteWorks successfully deployed Galaxy, a public sector ERP for the Riverside County of Education. Galaxy manages all K-12 schools, community colleges and universities within the County of Riverside.  In 2015, we re-platformed our ERP on an open-source-based platform to deliver a cost-effective mass customization solution for small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs).  We have clients in Engineering and Construction, Healthcare, Biomedical, and Accounting Firms. In 2018, we became an IBM solution partner.
Coyoteworks Technologies Inc. has delivered large-scale business innovation transformation on time, within budget, and to our Clients' satisfaction across many different industries. The cornerstone to our success is Coyoteworks Technolgies Inc.' Accelerated, Responsive and Client-driven (ARC) business innovation transformation Playbook, ARC Innovate™. ARC Innovate™ Playbook provides a seamless innovation transformation metamodel spanning business innovation transformation, information strategy planning, business process improvement and management and system design and development.
Coyoteworks Technologies Inc. strives to create long-term client relationships by being responsive and relevant and by consistently helping its Global 1000 clients leverage technology to innovate their art of business into a seamless competitive advantage delivering long-term sustainable economic growth.
Our vision is to enable our clients to build a better, stronger and more durable high-performance business for future generations and help improve communities and the global environment.

Our Partners and Alliances

Together with our partners and alliances, we catalyze and scale holistic innovative business transformations, create partnerships that span sectors, and take risks others cannot to help improve communities and the global environment.

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